Develop into confident and determined young adults

February 11, 2019

I’ve been training at UMAC for 8 years as an adult so I’ve had a good opportunity to observe the instructors, programs, and other students. The school is a non-contact martial arts school and while the adult classes and instruction are great, they have a real gift with children. They will work with kids as young as 3 and the transformation always amazes me. The kids quickly gain confidence and focus – and real life focus is hard to teach kids in today’s electronically stimulated world. It’s also great to have watched some young teenagers develop into confident and determined young adults who are ready to face a challenging world.

The forms taught (Southern Hung Gar) provide a nice combination of physical conditioning, coordination, and learning about the traditions of Martial Arts. The adult classes are challenging but a lot of fun and I’ve enjoyed getting to know some other adults who also come and ‘decompress’ after work. A *lot* more fun than heading to a local gym.

Sifu Anthony Pasquale is very gifted and an extremely patient instructor – pure enjoyment to watch him with forms and weapons. It’s amazing (and fun) to watch how the little kids connect and gravitate to him. Sifu Rita Pasquale is also very skilled with the art and wonderfully encouraging and great in coaching the little children about discipline, respect, and life skills. And I should also mention Instructor Donovan – I’ve trained along side her for years and she is a very good and skilled Instructor and terrific with younger kids.

The entire school is friendly and welcoming and I’d encourage anyone to sign up for a free class to try it out.