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Mary Ellen Rouillard

I’ve been taking my granddaughter to Danvers Martial Arts for two years now. The impact that Sifu Rita Rose has had on her has been invaluable! The discipline and values that the kids learn in class has made such a positive impact on my granddaughter in and outside of the studio. We are looking forward Continue Reading

June 1, 2019


My son is fairly new to UMAC and already we have notice a big difference in his confidence and self control. He absolutely loves Sifu and looks up to quite a few of the CIT students. So glad we found UMAC and look forward to my son’s journey to becoming a black belt!

March 11, 2019

Gianna RS

I have been training for almost two years now and I love it! It teaches discipline, Respect and other life skills. I am a martial artist and a purple belt and all I have to say is its an amazing place. if your looking for an activity for your child UMAC is the place to Continue Reading

March 10, 2019


Our son has only been attending for 2 months, but he has gained self-confidence from his very first day. Never having taken any martial art myself, I didn’t know what to expect. Danvers Martial Arts has the most flexible, affordable schedule we found. Finding it was also such a wonderful, encouraging environment that helps kids Continue Reading

March 5, 2019

NJ Tran

My son started his martial arts training at six years old, nearly nine years ago, and he is currently continuing his training in the adult class. They aren’t just teachers and coaches. They have become an extra set of co-parents which has been so valuable these past few years. He will carry a piece of Continue Reading

February 27, 2019

The impact it has made on our lives is immeasurable

My family and I have been training at UMAC for almost 11 years now individually as well as in the family program together. The impact it has made on our lives is immeasurable. Not only physically, but more importantly mentally and emotionally. Sure we learn kicking and punching as well as traditional Kung fu forms, Continue Reading

Shannon D February 11, 2019

Develop into confident and determined young adults

I’ve been training at UMAC for 8 years as an adult so I’ve had a good opportunity to observe the instructors, programs, and other students. The school is a non-contact martial arts school and while the adult classes and instruction are great, they have a real gift with children. They will work with kids as Continue Reading

Glenn M February 11, 2019

Highly recommend!!

A perfect place for my son to learn focus, self discipline, and strengthen the body and mind. Sifu works wonders with the kids. Impressive lessons that can apply to everyday life in positive ways. My son really enjoys learning here and tries his best. After trying many other activities/sports this has been a great match Continue Reading

Elayne P February 11, 2019

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